About IndoQCT

The main feature of the IndoQCT software is to evaluate CT image quality. In the CT quality control (QC) procedure, generally qualified examiners or medical staff check the CT image quality parameters manually on a phantom using available tools in the control panel. The QC procedure consists of daily, monthly, and annual tasks. To carry out this procedure requires a lot of time, especially for the daily routine. Moreover, manual measurement of image quality parameters leads to a certain bias due to the subjectivity of examiners.


There are several other available software for automatic measurement of CT image quality parameters. However, they are limited to certain phantoms and certain vendors. IndoQCT presents integrated features in the form of automatic measurement of CT image quality parameters on various phantoms available in the market. Therefore, IndoQCT provides convenience in the aspects of efficiency, measurement objectivity, universality, and portability.


Besides being able to measure image quality parameters on the phantom, IndoQCT can also measure some image quality metrics directly from the patient’s clinical image. This is useful for easier and more objective dose optimization processes. In addition, IndoQCT is also equipped with several additional features, such as texture analysis, several noise reductions, several window options (including multiple-windows blending in the form of red-green-blue (RGB) images), and image reformatting on sagittal, coronal, oblique, and irregular planes, and several other features. In IndoQCT, all image quality measurement parameters can be directly stored in the database, which can be analyzed. Reports can also be automatically generated in pdf file from the database.


IndoQCT has been developed since 2018 using the Matlab programming language. In 2021, it was redeveloped using the Python programming language to facilitate easy distribution.